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Sleep Center

Help For Sleep Disorders
Sleep is your body’s way of recharging.  It is as important as eating right and exercising to stay healthy.  More than half of Americans report occasional trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.  Lack of sleep can cause hypertension, heart disease, mood swings, lethargy and can affect your ability to concentrate. 

Sleep problems may be caused by a variety of things, from when and what you eat to lighting to physiological problems.  We take a lifestyle approach to sleep disorders.  Before testing, we get a complete profile of your daily patterns, using sleep diaries and questionnaires.  Sleep is a habit; an important first step in treatment is making it a good habit.

Central Peninsula Hospital’s Sleep Center offers the latest techniques and technologies for studying sleep disorders.  Examinations are administered by a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT), who has met the rigorous educational and work experience requirements to become credentialed by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists to ensure you get the best possible testing.  We use painless and non-invasive techniques, looking for such things as muscle tension, leg movement, and breathing.  In our comfortable lab, we monitor sleep patterns, ranging from blood pressure to brainwave activity.  Your doctor uses this information to determine the right course of treatment for you.

Your Actual Sleep Study
On the evening of your sleep study, you will be settled into a comfortable, home-like private room with a bathroom, queen-size Sleep Number bed and flat screen television.  The study technician will fit you with soft, comfortable sensors that will allow you to move while you sleep.  After a few minutes, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.  All you have to do is fall asleep and let us do the rest of the work.  Studies usually only take one night.  

Once your sleep study has been completed, your doctor can identify your sleep disorder and plan the best treatment for you. Options range from simple lifestyle changes to a prescribed program of sleep aids, or in some cases, even surgery.  We can provide you with professional follow-up as well as the latest equipment you may require for treatment.  Whatever the problem, we are ready to help you find the right solution.

For more information about Sleep Disorders or the Sleep Center at Central Peninsula Hospital, call 714-4439.

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