Palliative Care and End of Life Resources

Welcome to our hospital’s comfort care and end-of-life support page, where we aim to provide compassionate guidance to patients and their families during challenging times. We understand the importance of comprehensive care, which extends beyond medical treatment to encompass emotional support and practical assistance. Below, you’ll find links to documents designed to help navigate the complexities of palliative care and end-of-life decisions, offering insights into pain management, advance directives, hospice care, and more. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring comfort, dignity, and peace during life’s most delicate moments.

What is Comfort Care?

A document that outlines the principles and goals of comfort care, emphasizing its focus on enhancing quality of life and relieving suffering for individuals with serious illness or at end-of-life stages.

Comfort Care Grief Resources

Accessing grief resources can provide invaluable support, guidance, and validation for individuals and families navigating the profound experience of anticipatory grief and loss.

How To Leave A Loving Will

A loving will is a heartfelt document that individuals create to share their values, wisdom, and wishes with their loved ones. Unlike a legal will, which primarily focuses on the distribution of assets and possessions after death, a loving will is more about imparting personal insights, life lessons, and expressions of love and gratitude.

Palliative Care Resources

A document designed to provide essential information and contact information for individuals and families navigating palliative care services within the central peninsula.

Conversation Starter Kit

A document designed to help people talk about their wishes for end-of life care.

Conversation Cues

A one page document that helps you communicate to your loved ones what matters most to you if you are not able to make healthcare decision on your own behalf.

What to Do When Someone Dies

Losing someone close to you can be incredibly difficult, and if you’re responsible for handling funeral arrangements and personal affairs, the experience is often overwhelming. If this applies to you, we have compiled a checklist of things that need to be addressed after someone passes away.