Serenity House Treatment Center - Chemical Dependency Treatment for Alaska

Serenity House Treatment Center

Serenity House Treatment Center is a 12 bed intensive residential treatment center for people who struggle with substance use disorders.  Nestled in a private 40 acre wooded setting between Kenai and Soldotna, our average client stay is 6-8 weeks.  Using a 12-step model, we help people begin to understand the destruction caused by addiction, recognize the need for help, and begin the hard-but-rewarding process of recovery.  Our goal for our clients is not temporary sobriety, but true long-term change.  For many people, Serenity House is where it all begins. 

We introduce individuals to the 12-step community, providing them with a wonderful lifelong resource of hope and change.  We identify and treat co-occurring disorders, such as depression and trauma, helping people understand and learn to manage the underlying conditions that often hide underneath addiction.  Because we understand the lifestyle of addiction, we lovingly but firmly address problem behaviors, teaching and training our clients the skills they will need to live a recovery lifestyle.  We even have a weekly Family Day service where we invite family members to join their loved one in a therapy group, learning skills and tools together that will support a lifetime of recovery.  

Serenity House is a beautiful place to begin a whole new kind of life.   

“This is one of the most life altering wonderful places I have ever been. If I didn’t have to leave when I did, I would still live there to this day. I would recommend it to anybody suffering from active addiction of any sort. The counselors are all amazing in their own ways and the environment is so peaceful and inviting. It really became home to me…”  

Serenity House goes the distance. 

Most individuals attend Serenity House for 6-8 weeks, and then step down to our Intensive Outpatient program for 1-2 months, which provides people with near daily therapeutic contact while they adjust to a new recovery lifestyle.  As a person steadily makes good progress, they will then step down to the less-demanding Outpatient treatment, which provides them with solid supports for the next 6-8 months. This results in a grand total of one full year of solid therapeutic supports, which is exactly what research recommends for people who want to have long-term results.    

“Serenity House is where it all begins, but it doesn’t end there.  They take care of you at every stage.  If you are ready for a whole different way of life, call Serenity.”

We provide free brief phone consultations to potential clients. If you would like to talk to an Intake Coordinator to see if Serenity House might be a fit for you, call us (M-F, 9-5pm) at 907-714-4521.  You may also fill out an Application and mail or fax it to us, at which time we will review it and contact you to discuss treatment options.  For application to Serenity House, see the forms below:

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