Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving a new bill from Central Peninsula Hospital?

The new bill is our new consolidated bill which reflects all your healthcare visits at locations using our new electronic health record system. The new bill covers your care at Central Peninsula Hospital and the Central Peninsula Hospital Physician Clinics.

What is consolidated billing?

Consolidated billing means that instead of getting separate bills for each date of service from Central Peninsula Hospital and Central Peninsula Hospital’s Physician Clinics, the person responsible for paying the bill will get one itemized billing statement that includes care from all service locations which will be sent monthly for all self pay balances.

For privacy reasons, Behavioral Health services will be on a separate statement than other medical services.

Why does my bill include my child’s health care visits?

Child healthcare visits appear on the bill of the parent who is noted as the financial guarantor for that child. The new bill you received is our new consolidated bill which reflects all of your Central Peninsula Hospital, CPH clinic, and outpatient department visits. It is part of our new electronic health record system.

My daughter is 18 years old but is covered under my insurance policy. Can I be listed as her guarantor so that I receive the bill?

Every individual 18 years of age or older is registered as their own guarantor in the new electronic medical record system and receives his/her own separate billing statement.

When does this change occur?

It is important that you pay all bills that you receive during this period of time as your old accounts prior to September 10, 2016 will still be billed on our old billing system. Dates of service beginning September 10, 2016 will be billed from the new system and will be reflected on the new consolidated statements.

Why am I getting both the old bills and the new bills from your clinics and hospital? 

You are receiving two statements, because you have an outstanding balance for services rendered prior to the implementation our new electronic health record system. If you are carrying a balance for services prior to the implementation of the new electronic health record system, you will continue to receive a separate bill for those services until the balance is resolved. Because the systems are so different, we are not able to combine payment plans on accounts in the old system with accounts in the new system.

I have received two different bills, do I have to make a payment on them both? Why?

Yes. If you received services before the implementation of the new electronic health record system, that activity is billed separately utilizing our old system. Subsequently, if you were seen after the implementation of our new electronic health record system, you will receive a new consolidated statement for that visit. These are two separate bills and both need to be paid. If you have questions about any of the bills you receive and what is due our billing office representatives are ready to assist at (907) 714-4424.

Why switch to consolidated billing?

The new single itemized bill is part of our new electronic health record system. After your old balance from prior bills is resolved, you will only receive one single consolidated bill for all Central Peninsula Hospital, CPH Clinic, and CPH outpatient services. Under the old system you receive multiple bills which is quite confusing for many.

Will all of my doctors be part of this change in billing?

No. Some of the doctors that treat you at Central Peninsula Hospital are not employed by us, so you will receive a separate bill from these doctors for care they provide. For example, you will still get a separate doctor’s bill for services such as:

  • Radiology results when you have an X-ray, MRI or other imaging services
  • Pathology results when you have a lab test that needs additional examination
  • The Hospitalist that treats you during an inpatient stay
  • Your surgeon if they are not part of a CPH owned clinic

How do I pay my new consolidated bill online?

Your new bill can be paid using our online patient portal MyChartGo to to learn more.

Can I still pay my OLD hospital and clinic bills online?

You may still pay your hospital bills from the old system online at Select your statement of choice and follow the instructions. Old clinic statements are not able to be paid online. You can also pay old bills over the phone with a credit card by calling the number on the statement.

Do I need to send in separate payments for multiple billing statements?

Sending in separate payments helps to expedite posting those payments to your accounts and ensures the payments are posted accurately.

What if I have questions about my new bill?

We’re here to help you with your new bill. For more information, visit or the Patient Financial Services webpage. Or, call our billing office representatives at (907) 714-4424. | Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm. Closed on major holidays.

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