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Understanding the pricing of your healthcare services can be confusing. At Central Peninsula Hospital, our Patient Financial Services Team will be pleased to assist you with obtaining a price estimate for your hospital services.

This good faith estimate is based on the typical care experience for patients receiving similar services. We would like to caution you that this is not a guarantee of the final cost of your service(s). Hospital care is specifically tailored to the needs of each patient. Therefore, the final cost may vary based on circumstances involved in your actual services. Such circumstances may include:

   •  The length of time spent in surgery or recovery
   •  Specific equipment, supplies and medications required
   •  Additional tests required by your physician
   •  Any special care, unexpected conditions or complications

The estimate you receive will be for the hospital facility charges only, unless otherwise indicated.  For Emergency Room and Surgeries, your estimate will include:

•  Anesthesia Professional Fees
   •  Emergency Room Professional Fees
   •  Surgeon Professional Fees (if requested and the surgeon is a CPH employed provider)

Information Needed for a Price Estimate

To request an estimate for your planned services, please provide us with the following information:

   •  Patient name and date of birth
   •  Procedure code CPT** or description of service to be performed
   •  Phone number
   •  Email address

** For the most accurate estimate, please contact your referring physician’s office and ask for the specific procedure code(s). A Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code is a medical code set that is used to report medical services to physicians and health insurance companies.

Contact the Price Estimate Team

Use our online web form:

Request Online Estimate 

Contact us via email at:

Contact us via phone: 

With Insurance Coverage:

    • Hospital Services (907) 714-4505
    • Physician Clinic Services (907) 714-4038
  • Self Pay:
    • All Services (907) 714-5688
    • Physician Clinic Services (907) 714-4038
      • Our Financial Navigator can go over the estimated costs with you and help you explore coverage options
  • Additionally, as required by federal law, Central Peninsula Hospital has the ability for customers to build their own estimate for many common services. This feature does not require you to create a login, and you can print your written estimate from this tool.
  • MyChart Online Estimate Tool

  • The accuracy of the estimate will depend on the information entered, such as selecting the correct service for what is going to be performed. For a more detailed and comprehensive estimate use the “Request Online Estimate” button or contact us at the numbers above.56

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