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Serenity House Treatment Center - Chemical Dependency Treatment for Alaska

CPH's Serenity House Treatment Center is a residential treatment program for adults, offering a wide range of services aimed at helping people recover from alcoholism and drug dependency.  The program focuses on teaching and supporting the lifestyle changes needed to live a life free from substance abuse.  Counseling, education, and participation in 12-Step recovery programs are cornerstones of this program.
A Private Place for Healing
Located off Kalifornski Beach Road, the Center is nestled on a 40-acre, private site offering the peace and serenity needed for healing and self-reflection.
Hope for Recovery
Treatment professionals know that alcoholism and drug dependency are complex, but treatable problems. Treatment at our Center is the first step toward a more meaningful and responsible life free from chemical dependency. 
Recovery Goals
At Serenity House, our goals include addressing the destruction caused to individuals, families and communities from alcoholism and drug addiction.  By helping people restructure their lives, individuals become able to interrupt drug-taking behaviors and begin building a healthy recovery - based lifestyle.  We utilize a bio-psych-social model to help establish new patterns and implement life skills needed to maintain recovery. 
Ongoing Support
We believe that continued effective treatment requires an ongoing, personal program of recovery to enhance the healing process.  Serenity House Treatment Center supports participation in 12-Step recovery programs, provides family and aftercare programs, and coordinates community resources aimed at fostering healthy living. 
Payment Options
Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.  Medicaid and private insurance is accepted and arrangements for financial assistance are available.