Planetree Healing Environment

Patients who decide surgery is their only option will enjoy a private room in our Planetree designated hospital. The Planetree Designation Program is the only program to formally recognize excellence in patient- and person-centered care. It converts the aspirational aim of becoming more “patient-centered” into actionable, attainable and sustainable practices. Each room is equipped with private restroom, flat planetree.gifscreen television, small wardrobe closet and drawers, and couch that turns into a day bed where a family member may stay with you during your recovery. To learn more about Planetree, please visit 

Assisted living and physical therapy services following discharge from the hospital are available for those who don't feel they will be able to return home following surgery because they live alone or due to living space designs that would prevent them a full and safe recovery. Assisted living will also be available for those patients who traveled to receive services at the Joint and Spine Center from outside of the Central Kenai Peninsula.

Physical Therapy

It may be determined that physical therapy can resolve your joint pain. If that is the case, the Joint Center has a team ofarc quad.png experts ready to assist you with physical therapy treatment plan that is right for you. If it is decided by you and your physician that surgery is needed to improve your condition, physical therapy will still be a very important step prior to and after your surgery. Our certified and licensed team of physical therapists will coach you at every turn of your treatment and rehabilitation following surgery. You can view pre-op exercise videos and anesthesia videos here.

Exercise Guides

Below, you will find a link to our Total Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement Guidebooks explaining the process, what you can expect after the decision is made to replace your knee or hip joint, and recommended exercises actions you should take prior to joint replacement surgery: