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Wondering if you qualify for Community Financial Assistance?
Let's Check!

If the hospital or your CPH clinic bills are causing financial hardship for your family, we can help! Financial assistance may be available. Confidentiality of information and individual dignity are our priority and will be maintained for all who seek our services and information.

Below is a table that may help you determine if you are eligible for assistance. After looking at it we recommend that you call a financial counselor if you have more questions, they would be happy to help you!!

  • Household Size: The number of people financially related and supported in your household.
  • Eligibility for financial assistance will depend on the household’s average monthly income this year, before taxes and deductions. If you household income recently changed, we will use your current income.
  • The income limits listed below are a general reference. Don’t hesitate to apply, and include an explanation of any special circumstances you would like us to consider. We’ll review your situation individually to see if you qualify.
  • If your total medical bills add up to more than 20% of what your household makes in a year, we’ll take this into account when deciding if you qualify, even if your household income is higher than the limits mentioned below.

Monthly Income Chart

Family Size Monthly Income <200%
Monthly Income
≤201-250% FPL
Montly Income
≤251-300% FPL
Maximum Assistance 100% Assistance 70% Assistance 60% Assistance
 1  $3,135  $3,919  $4,703
 2  $4,257  $5,321 $6,386 
 3  $5,378  $6,723 $8,067 
 4  $6,500  $8,125 $9,750 
 5  $7,622  $9,528 $11,433 
 6  $8,743 $10,929  $13,115 
Each additional family member add:  $1,122 $1,403  $1,683 

Central Peninsula Hospital Financial Counselors

The last name on the account begins with: 

A to L
Your personal Financial Counselor is here to help at . . . (907) 714-4857

M to Z
Your personal Financial Counselor is here to help at . . . (907) 714-4400

Want to explore more? Have a look at our Financial Navigation and Counseling Page!