Financial Navigation & Counseling 

We’re Here to Help!

Financial Navigators

Our dedicated Financial Navigator is here to provide essential assistance to patients who are in need of medical care and would like help navigating their financial options and insurance coverage. With a compassionate approach, our navigator is well-versed in addressing your concerns and questions about managing upcoming medical expenses. Our Financial Navigator is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of medical bills. This can include providing an estimate of the cost of services, providing information on applying for medical coverage through Medicaid or the Health Insurance Exchange, or helping you apply for our CPH Community Benefit Financial Assistance program that might lower your medical costs by 60% – 100%. Count on our expertise to alleviate your worries and guide you toward a clearer financial path so that you can obtain the healthcare you need.

  • Financial Navigator (907) 714-5688

Financial Counselors

Our caring Financial Counselors are here to assist patients who already have medical bills from Central Peninsula Hospital and our CPH Clinics that are a hardship. They can help you in applying for our CPH Community Benefit Financial Assistance program, which could lower your medical costs by 60% – 100%. They can also assist you with setting up an affordable payment plan, and help you understand what your insurance did or did not pay. Our counselors understand your concerns and questions about managing bills and will guide you with kindness while also respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

  • Financial Counselors:   
  • Last Name Starts with A – L (907) 714-4857
  •  Last Name Starts with M – Z (907) 714-4400

Business Office Hours & Location

  • Our offices are in the Cashier area at Central Peninsula Hospital, if you are unsure where that is, ask for directions at the main registration desk. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm.

Paying Your Bill

At Central Peninsula Hospital, we strive to make the bill paying process easy and understandable with patient-friendly statements, caring staff available to answer your questions, and financial assistance programs available to help you pay your bill.

Our Patient Financial Advocate Pledge

Central Peninsula Hospital will:

  • Treat all patients equally and fairly.
  • Respect patient privacy and confidentiality.
  • Ask for feedback to learn how our staff and procedures are perceived to ensure continued quality enhancements.


  • Assist patients with knowing how to contact the correct hospital personnel for help with a specific question.
  • Inform patients of programs and assistance that are available to them and assist them with how to apply.
  • Explain where the patient can find price estimates prior to their next service date.


  • Identify insurance coverage for patients that have not been billed.
  • Explore other types of insurance that could be applicable.


  • Educate patients on their insurance benefits.
  • Coach patients on healthcare financial language so they can make informed decisions.