Central Peninsula Hospital Celebrates Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month in October – Archived

October 10, 2013

Central Peninsula Hospital will join Planetree, as well as hospitals and health care organizations around the world this October to commemorate the 7th annual Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month. This year’s theme, “Compassion in Action,” and butterfly icon represents the significant organizational culture change and transformation to patient-centered care. Ultimately when patients report that they feel they are being treated with dignity, respect and compassion, when families express gratitude for being treated as full partners in care, and when health care providers feel supported and empowered to build relationships with patients, the rewards are vibrant and uplifting.

In order to support professional caregivers in providing care in a manner that yields the enriching and satisfying patient experiences and positive quality outcomes it is incumbent on patient-centered healthcare organizations to nurture empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence in staff. When caregivers are nurtured and supported, they are empowered to build therapeutic connections with patients, allowing them to learn about the person beyond the diagnosis, and personalize care plans to accommodate their preferences,” said Planetree President Susan B. Frampton, Ph.D. Frampton is also serving at the co-chair of National Quality Forum’s National Priorities Partnership.

“Patient-centered health care organizations build patient confidence by supporting patients, their loved ones and the team of health care providers to all be on the same page in understanding the patient’s health and health care needs. Confidence comes from being able to control and manage your health, which includes communication with providers about health history, current needs and future plans. Additionally, patients are encouraged to identify a care partner who understands the diagnosis, coordinates care and serves as an advocate,” said Planetree President Susan B. Frampton, Ph.D.

Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month is sponsored and coordinated by Planetree, a worldwide, not-for-profit organization raising the standard of personalized healthcare by coaching organizations to inspire and enable their caregivers to transform the healthcare experience they provide. Central Peninsula Hospital has been actively engaged in implementing the Planetree model for the past 10 years, focusing on compassionate, individualized care and providing meaningful opportunities to partner with patients and families. This fall CPH was named a Planetree Designated ® Patient-Centered Hospital, making CPH one of 24 hospitals nation-wide and one of 45 internationally who have achieved this distinction.

Several activities are planned to increase awareness about the patient-centered model of care, empower patients and families, and inspire health care organizations to further advance and expand the practice. Highlights of the month’s activities include:
•A patient-centered proclamation that is available at our website at www.cpgh.org or ask one of our friendly Volunteers for one at the information desk at the hospital. It shares truths we find to be self-evident like, “A patient is an individual to be cared for, not just a medical condition to be treated.”
•A HealthRhythms Community Drum Circle to celebrate with community members on Friday, October 18th from 5-7 p.m. in the Redoubt/Spur Conference Room facilitated by HealthRhythms Drum Facilitators Christy Walker and Bonnie Nichols. We will furnish percussion instruments or you can bring your own!
•An invitation to hear national author Charlene Costanzo share “Do What Makes You Strong” at a free workshop in the Denali Conference Room on Saturday, October 12th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Charlene is a cancer survivor who helps others to better understand how to open to the healing power of our inner gifts! RSVP to 714-4780 as seating is limited!
•The Planetree website, www.planetree.org, features a variety of free resources and tool kits, including information about Compassion in Action, for patients and caregivers under the Resources & Tools section.

About Planetree:
Founded in 1978 by a San Francisco patient, Planetree is raising the standard of personalized care delivery by coaching organizations to inspire and enable caregivers to transform the healthcare experience they provide. Today, Planetree’s membership network is a global community of acute care hospitals, continuing care communities, and outpatient clinics, each at various phases of the journey to transform their health care by considering every aspect of the health care experience from the perspective of their patients and residents, and reconnecting staff to their passion for caring for others. A list of Planetree hospitals and a list of questions patients should ask hospitals are available at www.planetree.org.