Central Peninsula Hospital Achieves Level IV Trauma Center Redesignation

June 9, 2022

Central Peninsula Hospital has achieved redesignation as a Level IV Trauma Center. When someone is seriously injured, time is critical and quick access to medical care is essential. Sometimes, having access to a trauma center means the difference between life and death. A Level IV designation ensures that Central Peninsula Hospital is able to provide initial resuscitation, assessment and stabilization of an injured patient before the patient is either discharged, admitted or transferred to a higher level of trauma care. Reviewers look at the quality of care given and also Central Peninsula Hospital’s commitment to the trauma program as well as readiness to care for trauma patients.

“In addition to a Level IV Trauma Center, our hospital provides some emergency services not always seen at other small facilities,” adds Shayne Pond, the Director of the Emergency Department. “We have 24/7 surgeon coverage including several sub-specialty surgeons such as orthopaedics, spine, ENT, etc. and an on-call surgical team complete with anesthesia support. We also have 24/7 access to MRI and Ultrasound imaging along with immediate coverage for CT/Xrays.”

CPH was first designated as a Level IV Trauma Center on May 10, 2019. The trauma program looks to continually improve upon and provide a higher standard of care to the injured patient. It not only looks at whether policies, protocols and practices are set into place for traumas, but also whether the necessary resources are available to manage injured patients. A key piece of the trauma program is performance improvement. This looks to identify areas where there may be opportunities for improvement or future growth in trauma care.

The trauma team is headed by Michelle Quinton, RN, CEN, TCRN, who serves as the Trauma Coordinator and who performed the bulk of the work involved in the redesignation process. The trauma team also encompasses and relies on many different departments within Central Peninsula Hospital to provide the highest level of care possible. We thank the staff in each of these departments for their dedication and hard work to achieve redesignation.