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Give One Hour Club

IGOH 1IN LOGO.jpgJoin with other CPH caregivers who demonstrate their pride and generosity through the “I Give One Hour” club. All you have to do, is donate the equivalent of one hour of pay or more per pay period for at least one year (or a one-time donation of same amount). You can do this by donating to the Central Peninsula Health Foundation!  

Benefits of the “I Give One Hour” club include:

  • Name recognition on the employee donor club wall (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • Name recognition on the employee giving website (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • An “I Give One Hour” logo pin 

Join the club today to make your online donation of one hour of pay or more per pay period.

Click here for a paper form to print out and drop by the Foundation Office or:

If you have further questions, please email Kathy Gensel at the foundation or call (907) 714-4626.

Thank you to our “I Give One Hour” club members!

The caregivers below are members of the “I Give One Hour” club, and donate at least one hour of their pay, per pay period for at least one year (or a one-time donation of equal value), to help those who entrust their care to Central Peninsula Hospital. This unprecedented level of giving demonstrates their high level of commitment to our mission and community. A sincere thank you to all of these club members for their generosity, leadership and dedication to giving and helping patients, fellow employees and our community.

If you believe your name should be on this list and do not see it, please call the Central Peninsula Health Foundation at 714-4626. Caregivers who give anonymously will not be listed as per their request.

The list of employees below will be updated following the conclusion of the 2024 Employee Giving Event

Katie Alexander
Maria Christina Aquilar
Pamela Byrd
Kim Churchill
Matt Dammeyer
Katie Davis
Andrea Frey
Laurie Gallub
Kathy Gensel
Shanda Hall
Sheryl Hankins
Joan Holloway
Jessica Hulet
Cheri Johnson
Matthew Klumb

Gwen Johnson
Dr. Kristina Lacy
Katherine Leslie
Cassandra Nash
Cristie Quiner
Bruce Richards
Laurie Schaeffer
Donna Shirnberg
Jacqueline Smith
Camille Sorensen
Lance Spindler
Rachel Verba
Dale Walaszek
Kelly Williams

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