Price Information

As required by various federal and Alaska state laws, this page provides information regarding pricing information. 

The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) requires all hospitals to post a list of their standard charges in a machine readable format. In addition, hospitals must make public a list of their standard charges for each diagnosis-related group (DRG), drugs, and supplies. Central Peninsula Hospital has chosen to use the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format which complies with the CMS machine readable requirement. It looks like a regular Excel document to most viewers. 

While prices for each individual item or service may be looked up in these files, the best option for obtaining a comprehensive estimate is to request a good faith estimate from our Patient Financial Services Department. Estimates can be given verbally or in writing. Typically estimates are prepared in one to two business days but no longer than ten days. 

To request a Good Faith Estimate please call the appropriate number below:

  • Hospital Services (907) 714-4505
  • Physician Clinic Services (907) 714-4038


Standard Charges for Services and Supplies [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Medication Charges [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Avergage Charges by Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRG) [DOWNLOAD HERE]

COVID-19 Test  CPT 87635 $100 (if test is performed by Alaska State Public Health Lab $0)

86769 - SARS COV-2 IMMUNE RESPONSE IGG  (Antibody Test)  $86.00

For patient price estimates Click here: