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Retirement Plan

Due to the current situation, Voya financial advisor, Pierre Nicolet, will be unable to visit us on site as usual.  We hope to be able to have him back at CPH in the near future.  As always, you can access your Voya Retirement account at www.voyaretirementplans.com , and make contribution changes at any time during the year.  CPH does offer employer matching and discretionary contributions, in order to receive them you must be full or part time, have completed 1 year of service in which you worked 1000 hours, and be 21 years of age.  Eligible employees receive an automatic 2% discretionary contribution base on the employee’s annual salary.  CPH will also match the employee contributions up to a maximum of 3% of employee’s salary.

If you have never enrolled in Voya, you can do so by following the directions provided on the Enrollment Flyer.   Once you have enrolled, you can make changes to your retirement plan contributions at any time.  You can also manage your investments, take loans, and access the educational pieces and tools that Voya offers. 

Who do I contact for more information?
  • www.voyaretirementplans.com
  • Pierre Nicolet, VOYA Financial Advisor, 907.257.5270.  
  • Voya Call Center 1.800.584.6001 
  • CPH Human Resources - 714.4771 or hrinquiry@cpgh.org