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Measles case confirmed in Alaska

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has confirmed a single case of measles in an unvaccinated teenager from Soldotna who recently traveled out of state to Arizona via Seattle, Washington. This makes Alaska the 29th state to have a confirmed case of measles in 2019. (read full press release here)

With this in mind, if you have had a cough, runny nose, red eyes, fever or a rash within the last week, please refrain from visiting patients at the hospital at this time. You can still keep all previously scheduled appointments, but please call ahead if you have of the above symptoms. If you think you may have been exposed to measles, please contact your primary care provider for screening and care as appropriate.

Central Peninsula Hospital - Measles Frequently Asked Questions

State of Alaska Measles Information

Federal Measles Information

Only people who may have been exposed and are not already immune to measles either by adequate immunization or from having the disease in the past are at risk.

Keep in mind that not everyone is at risk for measles. You are considered adequately protected if:

  • You are a preschool age child with one measles vaccine (MMR – measles, mumps, rubella).
  • You are a school-aged child or college student who has received two doses of measles vaccine.
  • You are a health care worker who has had two doses of measles vaccine.
  • You are an adult who is not a health care worker and who has had one dose of measles vaccine.
  • You were born before 1957.
  • You have had the measles, diagnosed by a health care provider and confirmed with a lab test.
  • You have had a blood test that shows you are immune to measles.

Information will be added to this page as it becomes available.