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Short & Long Term Disability

CPH provides employees with employer paid Short-term Disability, optional additional employee paid Short-term Disability, and optional employer and employee paid Long-term Disability income benefits. In the event you become disabled from a non work-related injury or sickness, disability income benefits are provided as a source of income. You are not eligible to receive short-term disability benefits if you are receiving PTO, IAP, or workers’ compensation benefits.

Short Term Disability

The Short Term Disability Insurance benefit is available to all full or part time employees and will help secure your family's financial security in the event of your disability.  The need for disability insurance protection depends on individual circumstances and financial situations. The Short Term Disability plan is administered by Cigna, and offers two levels of coverage. The basic level, paid for by the hospital for all full or part time employees, provides a weekly benefit up to 70% of your covered weekly earnings – to the program maximum of $200 per week. 

All full and part time employees are automatically enrolled in the basic level coverage. During open enrollment you have to option of enrolling in the voluntary level, which allows you to increase your weekly maximum benefit  up to $1,000.  To enroll complete the Evidence of Insurability Form below.

Long Term Disability

To help ensure your financial wellness, all full and part time employees are invited to participate in the Long Term Disability plan administered by Cigna. This benefit pays you up to 60% of your weekly pay, in the event that you experience a disabling injury or illness that lasts longer than the qualifying period. This is a group plan benefit, which means the premiums are very affordable at only $0.22 per $100 of coverage.