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Labor Pool

The Labor Pool was enacted to allow staff who may be experiencing a reduction in hours due to changes in their department’s services, to work in other areas.  It also allows for staff to be oriented to different areas before we have an anticipated increase in patient volumes and to facilitate teamwork throughout departments as we balance variable workloads.

Do you need hours or would you like to help in other areas?

Contact HR to join the labor pool by emailing us at hrinquiry@cpgh.org or calling 714-4773.  We are looking for staff to fill various roles and we are willing to train!  When you join you may be asked to fill shifts, train into new roles and help out in other departments during your normally scheduled shift if your manager approves and workload allows.

We are training staff to cover the following positions, however we will ask your preference and skills to find the best match for you.

  • Screeners at the Entrances
  • PPE Spotter: Implementation of a “spotter” for donning and doffing of PPE has been instituted to help ensure the safety of everyone.  This role is intended to be readily available to assist and observe persons during the application and removal process of PPE primarily for suspected/confirmed Covid or isolation patients and can promote handwashing/hand hygiene compliance as an adjunct. Spotters are not required to be nurses, just someone who has completed competency and education.  

Below is the list of current openings.  Please know that we are trying to fill these shifts in a fiscally responsible way so if picking up the shift will result in overtime, please let us know.  That doesn't mean you will be excluded, but we want to ensure everyone is meeting their status hours if possible.  Also, we are unable to float staff between Heritage Place and CPH at this time.Thank you!

How do I sign up for shifts?

  • For a Screener shift, contact Jim Childers at 714-4543
    • Jim is now the primary contact for all doors shifts through the labor pool.
    • If he does not pick up and the shift is not an urgent need, leave a voicemail and he will get back to you.
  • For a PPE Spotter shift, contact the House Supervisors at 741-9122

Any last minute cancellations for either type of shift still go through the House Supervisors if Jim is unavailable.

This list is updated in real time so check back often! 

For more information about the Labor Pool check out our FAQ.  As the organization responds to the daily changes related to the COVID-19 virus, the Labor Pool structure may change to require available staff to report on a daily and/or shift-by-shift basis depending upon the needs at that time.  When this occurs, there will be a house-wide update regarding how to report to the Labor Pool.