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Central Peninsula Internal Medicine

Treating a Broad Spectrum of Health Conditions and Diseases

Internal Medicine physicians or internists are also primary care physicians. But because of their specialized training, their expertise lends itself to common medical conditions for adults. Their training is focused on treating complex adult conditions such as coronary disease, diabetes, infectious disease, endocrine disorders, pulmonary issues and hospital medicine. Because of this, internists are prepared and comfortable treating a patient with a more complicated condition or a circumstance where several illnesses may strike at the same time. We also bring our patients to an understanding of wellness which is based on disease prevention and the promotion of health.

At Central Peninsula Internal Medicine Associates, our team is Board Certified and maintains the necessary skills for treating a broad spectrum of illness including complex and difficult to treat conditions such as diabetes, renal failure and heart disease to name a few.

We look forward to having the opportunity of providing the care you need and promoting a positive healthy lifestyle to keep you in good health.