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Prepared Childbirth

Do You Have A Baby On The Way?
If you're an expectant parent, Central Peninsula Hospital's healthy pregnancy and childbirth classes are just for you.  Our classes are open to all expectant parents and/or support partners and are aimed at helping you understand how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to cope with physical and emotional challenges and what to expect in labor. You can also learn all about how to care for your newborn and have your questions answered about breastfeeding and other choices new parents face. 

At Central Peninsula Hospital, our dedicated staff want to help new parents build confidence, experience a safe birth and make sure your questions about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are answered.  Please familiarize yourself with our additional class offerings for new parents & families, including Infant Massage and the Cuddle Cure.

A four-week session of Prepared Childbirth Classes is offered on Wednesdays. An Infant CPR Course is offered as a fifth week extension. Classes run from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. For the current flyer including dates click here .

Click here to get your PDF copy of the registration form and return to the cashier along with your $75 class fee.  This must be prepaid to ensure placement as class sizes are limited.  For more information or to register, call 714-4788.