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Safe Sitter Class Planned - Archived
Safe Sitter Class will be offered Monday, March 12th - 13th, 2012 at Central Peninsula Hospital.
Safe Sitter is a not-for-profit, medically oriented instructional program designed to train young people aged 11-13 how to be safe babysitters. The program teaches babysitters how to handle major and minor medical emergencies and proper child-care skills.
A few of the topics to be covered are:
-First Aid
-Injury Prevention
-Rescue Breathing
-Care for a Choking Infant or Child
-Accident Management
-The Business of Babysitting
-Basic Child Care (feeding,diapering)
-Safety for the Sitter
-Behavior Management
The class is a 13-hour two day course taught by specially trained instructors with medical and child development backgrounds. The maximum student to instructor ratio is 8 - 1 to ensure personal guidance. Students must pass a written, oral and practical exam.
For more information, contact CPH Staff Development at 714-4775 or email at safesitter@cpgh.org.