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Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are part of the Central Peninsula Hospital family and help to make us a warm and friendly community hospital.  There are many ways in which volunteers help, whether they answer phones, enjoy direct patient contact, data entry or stocking shelves.  They provide a valuable service to everyone at the hospital.    Volunteer Placement Includes:

  • Gift Shop Volunteers sell items to customers, offer purchase suggestions, and help keep the gift shop stocked, neat and organized.

  • The Information Desk/Escort Volunteers greet everyone who enters the hospital, offers assistance with directions, and provides wheelchair assistance or a personal escort to their destination.

  • Our Family Lounge Volunteers provide the communication link between the family & friends in the family lounge, the Surgery Department, and the patient in surgery. They also ensure complimentary refreshments are available in both the Med/Surg and Surgery family lounges.

  • The Book Cart Volunteers take a cart stocked with books and magazines to patient rooms and stock five family lounges with fresh books & magazines.

  • Our Patient Comfort Volunteers provide items that bring patients added comfort during their stay. The items available are: fleece blankets, small pillows, eye-glasses, stress balls, and large print puzzle books. Volunteers offer to sit and talk with patients, read out loud and help write letters. They also share other volunteer services available that may help make a patient's stay more comfortable.

  • Hand Massage Volunteers offer five-minute hand massages to hospital patients. Volunteers can also play relaxing music and visit with the patient at this time.

  • A Pediatric Volunteer acts as a support person for the young patient's family. They offer to sit with the child while a family member attends a meeting or takes a short break. Pediatric Volunteers also decorate the room using an age appropriate "Peds-In-A-Box" container supplied with stickers, a quilt, toys & stuffed animals, creating a more child-friendly environment.

  • Our Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting Volunteers create lap quilts, baby hats, socks and bibs for our pediatric patients. They also hand knit "Prayer Shawls" to be donated to the Spiritual Care Coordinator who then gives the shawls to patients in need of prayerful comfort.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 714-4543.

Click here to see our current volunteer opportunities.