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Mission Vision & Values



Our Mission

We are a community-initiated and community-nurtured organization dedicated to promoting wellness and providing high quality health care that ensures the confidence and loyalty of our customers.


Our Vision

We will become a regional medical center focused on improving individual and community health and achieving national standards of excellence.


Our Values

INTEGRITY:  We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards, demonstrating honesty, professionalism and sincerity.

  • Displays honesty, sincerity and integrity in all actions.
  • Demonstrates personal accountability for actions.
  • Observes and complies with CPH’s missions, vision, values, policies and procedures, and healthcare regulations.
  • Displays open communication.


SERVICE EXCELLENCE:  We are committed to consistently improving healthcare outcomes and exceeding the expectations of those we serve. 

  • Applies the Planetree concepts of care to personalize, humanize and demystify person-centered care.
  • Accepts change as a constant opportunity for progress and achievement that moves the organization ahead.
  • Anticipate needs of customers and meets/exceeds them.
  • Demonstrates a high level of knowledge, skill and service, and shares one’s knowledge with others.
  • Remains current in processes, policies and continuously improves performance.
  • Displays an innovative spirit and strives to improve the person-centered care experience.


COMPASSION:  We recognize every person as a whole human being with different needs that must be met through listening, empathizing and nurturing.

  • Provides caring treatment that adapts to each individual.
  • Responding with sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • Provides support by celebrating joys, comforting in sorrow and supporting in failures.
  • Act as an advocate for those in need.


STEWARDSHIP:  We are each responsible for wise oversight of all resources entrusted to us.

  • Carefully manages resources to maximize their worth and effectiveness.
  • Optimizes use of time by efficiently using resources to identify barriers and balance priorities.
  • Efficiently utilizes tools, resources, techniques, and/or systems to organize tasks.
  • Balances multiple priorities simultaneously, assuring the timely and accurate completion of tasks.


RESPECT:  We will create a harmonious environment that will honor each person’s dignity and reflect their worth.

  • Promotes a culture that makes people feel appreciated and valued.
  • Demonstrates professionalism in treating staff and providers with dignity and respect that inspires the trust and confidence of our patients.
  • Demonstrates zero tolerance for harassment, threats, intimidation and discrimination.
  • Recognizes each person as a welcome guest by demonstrating courteous interactions and respect for diverse backgrounds.


SAFETY:  We are a highly reliable organization that is uncompromising in our commitment to a culture of safety through our core values and behaviors resulting from a collective and sustained commitment by organizational leadership,

          managers, and health care workers to emphasize safety over competing goals as our number one priority.

  • Demonstrates individual accountability as a team member to be committed, self-managing and competent.  In return, the organization is accountable for treating individuals fairly and justly “when things go wrong”.
  • Commits to open communication through asking questions, respectfully challenging, seeking feedback, suggesting innovations and reporting without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or discrimination.
  • Encourages collaboration throughout the organization to seek solutions to safety concerns through process improvement.
  • Committed to resiliency by identifying, controlling and recovering from errors, and using them as opportunities for learning and growth.