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Medical Records

Your medical record is the documentation of services ordered by a provider, your course of treatment and your response to treatment.

The original medical record is the property of CPH, but the information is about you.  You have a right to access copies of your medical record either in paper or electronic formats.

The Medical Record Department can assist you in gaining access to your medical records. 

You may contact us: By phone: 907-714-4564
                                 By fax: 844-412-3942
                                 By e-mail:MedicalRecords@cpgh.org

We encourage you to consider using the secure MyChart patient portal for easy electronic access to your electronic medical records.  Your medical record content is automatically pushed to your MyChart portal account.  More information on the MyChart patient portal is available by clicking here (add link)

Questions related to accessing your medical records may be answered in our FAQ page

Questions about the clinical content of your medical record should be addressed with your provider.