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Lactation Services

Lactation Services
We want to make sure you and your baby will get off to a good nutritional start.  By choosing to breast-feed, you have joined the majority of American women who feel it is the best way to feed your new baby.  Central Peninsula Hospital's Lactation Consultant has specialized training to help you and your baby get started nursing, and with breast-feeding problems whether your infant is a newborn or a year old. 
The Natural Way To Feed Baby
Many years ago, if a woman had difficulty breast-feeding, she was offered only one solution; wean the baby.  Now, mothers are more likely to be aware of the importance of breast-feeding, but they may still have difficulty getting the help they need to make nursing work.  For some mothers breast-feeding isn't a problem.  For others breast-feeding may be more difficult in the beginning. Our lactation consultant can assist you one-on-one or offer advice about soreness, latching the infant properly, returning to work, pumping, and other issues surrounding your breast-feeding experience.  With help, you can be successful regardless of any complications.
Breastfeeding Resources
We wish you success in breast-feeding and encourage you to call us for your health needs as you care for yourself and your baby!
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