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Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Directions is your path to a healthier weight.  Healthy Directions utilizes the latest scientifically sound weight loss information available and a team of experts to give you the tools you'll need to become the best you can be!
The program includes: weekly group meetings, offering support and guidance from registered dietitians; initial and follow-up assessments. Classes meeting for fifty weeks at a variety of times & locations. 
Weekly Classes Include:

  • Successful weight management using the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Goal setting
  • Developing an exercise plan
  • Creating a low-calorie home
  • Grocery shopping
  • Portion control
  • Creating a healthy style
  • Family menu planning
  • Eating out
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Dealing with celebrations
  • Stress management
  • Tools for weight management
  • Controlling cravings and binges
  • Lapse vs.. relapse
  • Dealing with people and bad influences
  • Reducing risk factors for cancer
  • Maintaining weight loss

Monthly Demonstrations Include: 

  • Vegetable preparation
  • Recipe modification
  • Increasing fiber in your diet
  • What's for breakfast?
  • What's for lunch beyond hamburgers and fries?
  • Preparing for the holidays

Contact the Healthy Directions Coordinator for a class schedule and to register, at 714-4724.